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My mother used to say, “Tonight we’re going to have a beautiful table". I remember the tumult of the preparations in the kitchen. Choosing the plates, the black ones from Japan, grandfather’s earthenware or the yellow ones from the flea market ? In the cupboard, the piles of tablecloths made us hesitate. With my sisters we arranged silverware, crystal glasses and bouquets of flowers from the garden. Cheerfully we waited for our guests.

From her childhood, Marion has kept the taste of the beautiful and large tables.

She is trained by two mentors. Augusto Tozzola who teaches her humility. During one year she turns 7 hours a day without cooking a piece. Then with Dauphine Scalbert who teaches her glazes and the rigorous discipline of the workshop.

Marion Graux dedicates her life to this profession with obvious pleasure. For her, it is a commitment of body and mind. Above all, she seeks accuracy. Each shape is carefully thought out and the color is worked like a material. She seeks to express the essential. No gesture too much. The way a piece is made gives it its meaning. If all the gestures are right, then the object will create an emotion. Marion still sees herself making plates at 90 years old.

Marion’s creations are above all intended for the table. She makes tableware for chefs. The functionality of her pieces has for her a real nobility.